The role of coincidence and the question of a visual form of expression in relation to the nature of the material and the scale of the objects are the basic themes of Lukáš Gargulák’s work.

He has exhibited in New York, Brussels, Paris, Prague, Florence, Brno, Zlin.

The centrepiece of Lukáš Gargulák’s work consists of bronze objects: “I perceive them as these small models for placement into the public space. In reality, they would be many times larger, ideally at a 1:50 scale”!

Organic sculptures made of black or shiny bronze are made by the lost-wax casting method. In addition to precisely planned bronze works, there are collections of objects that work with the motive of unpredictability and also contrast through technical plastic materials, eclectic shapes, and eccentric colours.

In plastic sculptures, a random defect in the production machine plays the main role; with paintings, it is the uncontrolled splash of paint on canvas; with X-ray objects and slides, it is a matter of the unplanned layering of wax onto frames.

The primary professions of a filmmaker and director requiring a special kind of film vision are projected into his work through careful compositions and attentive work with light.

“The moment of creation itself is the most important moment for me. That is because I don’t have anything thought-out in advance. I like the difference between the origin of a work of film, where a lot of people are needed, and art objects, where I determine everything myself.”


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